Tin Can

Domestic Violence (novel)

Reviews of Tin Can

Below are early reviews by readers who read excerpts before publication:  Thank you for all of your heartfelt and sincere remarks.
                                                                            Jerlean S. Noble 
This  heart-wrenching realistic portrait of physical, emotional, and mentally abuse grabs the reader at the onset traveling through the life experiences of an average black woman who connects with a vast majority of women all over the world who has encountered domestic violence. Beware! Once you start you cannot put the novel down.
 Akeda Stenbar
Columbia, MD
Very well written!  "Tin Can" has caught and held my attention so much that I was cussing James and ready to tear him apart.  I thought I knew evil, but compared to ur story, I know nothing.  When I finished reading, I had forgotten that I did not have the whole book.  I looking for the rest of the story, wanting to read more.  People will read this book and will not be able to put it down until it is finished.  U see what time I am writing u back don't ya! 
Valerie Cruell-Hallums 
Greenville, SC
OMG! Your new book is wonderful. After one page I couldn't put it down.  It's going to blow up--I promise you!  I hope it becomes a movie.
Jelisa Fields
Columbia, SC

 I invite you all to share in this emotional experience for your education or for the awareness of struggles that may be similar to yours or someone you know. She is a GREAT Author and an EXCELLENT example of WOMEN trapped in DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. She is no longer a victim, and shares her message of survival in this courageous new novel, TIN CAN.
Malcolm B. Smith
Brooklyn, NY