Tin Can

Domestic Violence (novel)

Tin Can: The Slitting Edge

 Author:  Jerlean S Noble

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People who were clad in buttoned coats with hats and rain gear scurried to get out of the weather.  They were stepping over and almost crushing the object I’d affixed my eye on and was about to rescue.  I found myself screaming, “Stop!  Get away!  That’s me! Don’t you know that’s me? Don’t you know this, this can represent my life?  What the hell is wrong with you people???” 

Could it be that a battered old can could be a saving grace?  Not everything dead is worthless.

Release Date: Feb. 26, 2010
Dare to enter into the world of the chronic abuser and watch the can work it's magic.



Unsure of my life I rock
Wanting to hide in my tears
If I could just disappear
From this fear
This uncertain death

Confused stressed and dismayed
I was sure that love loved me
I believed, I trusted, I gave in
To the user who misused me

I flee to my mama's voice
She hums hushed lullabies
I'm safe knowing she's there
Secure from impending storms

I tell her of my dark clouds
Tell her of my confined fears
My tears fall unabashed
Like showers of pelting rain

I'm brought back by the
 stench of his sex
His spill like rippling waves
His outburst that of a wild beast
I'm deafened by  the lion's roar

Confident, spent, secure
He kisses my tear streaked face
Blow lies at my busted lip
Then fall soundly asleep